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Training, seriously.

I seem to be very “on again, off again” with running, but not for a lack of wanting to do it! Such is the way it is when you’re trying to sort out nagging injuries.  I spend a month NOT running when the pain increased, but saw no improvement from the rest.    I’ve been seeing a new chiropractor in town, with some unique diagnostic tools. He uncovered some issues that may explain a lot of what’s been going on. So I’m getting treatment, and training, and hoping I’m on the road to recovery.

The half marathon is less than two months away now. I was getting nervous I wouldn’t be up to the challenge, but my coach has confidence in me, and is ramping up my training distances. I’m running over 13k on my longer runs, and a full hour for my “short” runs, and feeling good, so I’m encouraged.

My husband and I very recently separated, so that brings a number of challenges. My schedule is going to be a difficulty sometimes, the weeks when I have the kids especially. But I’ll make it work. With all the added stress, keeping my running constant is a big help to me.


Finally Running Again!

It’s been a long time. I didn’t feel like coming to write that I wasn’t running, to complain about my lack of patience, weight gain, or other downers. The last physio referred me to yet another physio in his office he felt might have new ideas for me. I’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks and he’s trying different things, and seeing improvement. Best of all, he says I can run all I want! I still have pain, but can run through it, so I am. It seems I’ve got some pelvic instability that’s irritating nerves in my back and all down my leg. Not running alone isn’t enough to stop the pain, and running doesn’t make it a ton worse, so I will run.

My treatment consists of daily core exercises, wearing a pelvic stability belt to run and play sports(sexy!) and seeing him every couple of weeks for some manipulation and treatment.

I’ve been running several times a week for a couple weeks now and I’m happy about it. Plans to meet with my coach in January and lay out the training plan have been made. I’ve got big things on the horizon for 2012!

Still not running, and it’s killing me…..

I haven’t been back to post in a LONG time, because I had no running to write about. My last real running was in May, with one travel run in July. Other than that, nothing. I miss it, so much.

I’ve been trying desperately to fix whatever is wrong with my body, but I’m starting to wish I’d never bothered. After many months (because I started trying to heal before I stopped running) of experts, exercises and patience, and I’m no better off. I have as much pain as I did before I started trying to fix myself. Talk about frustrating! First I saw a physio for IMS treatments. I read you should get relief within 6-8 treatments…..I saw her over 20 times before I gave up on that. I tried a chiropractor (who was a runner!) but after a month without improvement, he sent me along to another physio. I’ve been seeing that fellow for over a month now, not running at all on his advice, and still hurting.

I miss my stress release. I miss the metabolism boost. I miss feeling like an athlete. My fitness is dropping, my weight climbing, and I am very, very sad. But I don’t know what to do next.

Still hurting

I’m beginning to wonder how much pain I’ve been ignoring all along. I feel like now that I’ve stopped pushing, with the goal of fully healing my body and getting rid of the nagging pain, I notice so much more pain. I don’t think I’m severely injured, so much as finally paying attention to the hurting. My back is seeing some improvement, after the 3 chiropractor visits I’ve had so far. It’s still not right, though. It’s been not-right for a long time, so it may take a while to get it right, I understand this. It’s still frustrating. I want to run, and I want to run without pain. It seems my IT band is acting up, as well. So there are a lot of different spots that hurt all down my right leg. It’s not fun.

I’m not running at all right now, as that seems the best. But I hate it. I miss running physically. I miss the mental break, and the lift I got from it. I miss the emotional release. And I really miss the metabolism boost. I love food, and I’m scared of gaining back some of the weight I’ve worked so hard to lose. I eat when I’m stressed. It’s kind of a double whammy, since I’m not running to deal with stress, I eat more, and since I’m not running to burn the calories, they matter more. Ouch.

I’m going to try water running tomorrow, I think. I’ve never done it, I’m not much of a swimmer, but I’m getting desperite. It’s less convenient, as I can’t just walk out the front door and start, the way I can with running, but I need to do something, and soon.

Fixing what hurts

I took a short break from training. It seems like the right thing to do after a big race, and a nice reset to get motivated to train again. This break is going to go a bit longer than I’d intended, though. I did return to training a couple weeks ago, but lingering leg and back issues are making me step back.

I’ve had something not quite right with my back for years. I’ve tried treating it a few times without much luck. Recently I’ve been going to a physio for IMS treatments, and had quite a bit of relief, but still things aren’t quite right. The heavy load that running training sessions, lacrosse games, and Bike to Work Week put on my body all at once, reminded me that there’s something still wrong……So I’m trying a chiropractor now, and holding back on the running for a bit.

I didn’t run for a full week while I thought about what to do, had a rest, and sought out chiro recommendations. It was surprising how long ONE week of not running felt to me. My coach has said that if I push through the wrong pain and hurt myself, I can be out six weeks, or more. I see how bad that would be now, if one week felt long. So I’m taking care. I went for an easy run this morning, mentally it felt GREAT, physically, not so much. Patience and adherence to the chiro’s instructions, and hopefully I’ll be back pounding pavement fast.