Harriers Pioneer 8K – First of the Series!

This past Sunday was the first race in the Frontrunners Island Race Series, with the Harriers Pioneer 8k. It was a nice course through Saanichton, starting and ending at the Fairgrounds. Despite warnings of a big hill, I found it fairly flat, a nice course to run. It was smaller than the Goodlife and TC events I’ve run in the past, and a nice chance to connect with some running friends before and after the race.

I set out with a plan, and a goal. I was going to start slow, considering the first 1-2km sort of a warmup, and build speed to end strong. My time goal was to finish under 47minutes, which I thought was definitely do-able, and not too ambitious for my first race in a while. My training hadn’t been a intense or consistent as I’d like either, so I was trying to be realistic.

I started the race feeling really good, not pushing, just finding my rythm. I actually found speed sooner than I thought, with just a little effort. I ended up chasing Kathryn (of Boring run Blog for much of the race. She’d pass me for a while, then I’d pass her, and we ended within seconds of each other – pace buddy! I find it helpful to find someone near my pace, then when I have energy and power I can push to pass them, or if they’re slipping away or I’m flagging, trying to catch up can be that refocus I need. My coach ran with me for a bit near the halfway mark and guided me to pump my arms and pass folks on the hill. I listen to my coach, so I pumped my arms and passed 16 people on the way up the long slow hill, and 10 people on the way down and to the finish.

In the end, I finished in 44:50! WAY better than I expected, a pace of 5:33, pretty much the fastest I’ve ever run, even in training. I’m pleased with that, and looking forward to even better times this year.


This was the only one of the photos from the event that I appeared in, I’m off to the right, in blue long-sleeves, black tights and a black hat. The race is JUST starting, that’s why we all look so slow.


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