Training, seriously.

I seem to be very “on again, off again” with running, but not for a lack of wanting to do it! Such is the way it is when you’re trying to sort out nagging injuries.  I spend a month NOT running when the pain increased, but saw no improvement from the rest.    I’ve been seeing a new chiropractor in town, with some unique diagnostic tools. He uncovered some issues that may explain a lot of what’s been going on. So I’m getting treatment, and training, and hoping I’m on the road to recovery.

The half marathon is less than two months away now. I was getting nervous I wouldn’t be up to the challenge, but my coach has confidence in me, and is ramping up my training distances. I’m running over 13k on my longer runs, and a full hour for my “short” runs, and feeling good, so I’m encouraged.

My husband and I very recently separated, so that brings a number of challenges. My schedule is going to be a difficulty sometimes, the weeks when I have the kids especially. But I’ll make it work. With all the added stress, keeping my running constant is a big help to me.


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