4 months? Really?

I knew it had been a long time, but I didn’t realize I’d been away for 4 months. I’ve had plenty going on and lots to say, but I kept getting stuck. I have this feeling that if I’m going to post to my blog it’s got to be a Good Post. Something interesting, something of substance, or there is no point. And that’s kept me from posting anything. When you feel like it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to do something, it’s a lot easier to put it off, and off, and off……

So I’m here with a short race report, that’s substance at least!

I ran the Times Colontc10kist 10k last month. It’s a great race, if a little busy for my liking, and the weather is usually pretty good for this one. I was under trained for it, so I adjusted my goals accordingly. I had hoped to run it sub-60minutes, and I came close with 1:01:41. I had a 2 minute pee-break that pushed me over. Most importantly, I felt good through the race. I enjoyed it.

I realized afterwards I was too quick to take walk breaks (3 or 4) when I didn’t really need them. I’m out of practice of pushing through that “I could stop now” feeling.  It’s mostly mental, I think, so something that will come with more running, and more confidence. I feel it early in the warmup when I’m running usually, and it’s no problem to ignore it then. Since I’m out of practice running through it, I gave in a few times this race.

Breathing felt good, so my cardio fitness was still pretty good. My legs were a bit heavy, I noticed them dragging a bit (kicking the occasional stone) later in the race. I was not surprised by this as I spend 6 hours driving and 2 hours playing lacrosse the day before. All the sitting to drive had me in major nerve pain for hours yesterday, but I felt almost nothing through the race. Even the typical right glute tightness was minimal – yay! I didn’t feel like collapsing, or like my legs were done, at any point, I just felt progressively more tired.

I didn’t try to pick a “pace bunny” and run with them, as I usually do. Instead I found room to run my own race, letting people pass me or passing them as it felt right. Given my pace was reasonably constant (for me) I’m happy about this. I’ve been worried about my ability to hold pace, and it seemed like that went fairly well given the lack of practice lately. I ended strong as well, finding a bit of a kick for the last 500m.
So looking at all that, I think it was a great race, and very encouraging!


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