2012 Resolution Run

This year I signed up for the Resolution Run hosted by Frontrunners Westshore. I’ll admit the fancy running jacket swag was a big draw, but so was starting off the year right, by running a race. I questioned that decision early on the morning of the first, not so many hours off sleep between me and our partying, I will say. (and the GORGEOUS running jacket I got doesn’t fit! They said sizes ran large, as they were unisex, but my size M is too big – boo!)

I really enjoyed the run. It was a casual affair. A stop clock was set up, and many of us wore our gps watches for timing, but there was no pressure, no real competition. The race was through open (though quiet) streets, and some trails. The director said something about it being hilly, but I didn’t think much of it….until they started. I haven’t run hills much, other than some hill repeats in training, and it’s definitely different. Since I didn’t know what was coming, and none of them were too long, I quiet enjoyed the variety they brought. It kept things interesting and fun.

I ran 5.11km in a little over 32 minutes. Slower than my “race pace” when I’m training, but I haven’t been training in a long while, and there were those hills…….Also I woke up this morning with a BAD cold, so the grumbling in my lungs that I thought was a lack of sleep and fitness in the run, must have been the start of this bug. So I’m pretty happy with my performance on the run, and I enjoyed myself to boot!


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