Still not running, and it’s killing me…..

I haven’t been back to post in a LONG time, because I had no running to write about. My last real running was in May, with one travel run in July. Other than that, nothing. I miss it, so much.

I’ve been trying desperately to fix whatever is wrong with my body, but I’m starting to wish I’d never bothered. After many months (because I started trying to heal before I stopped running) of experts, exercises and patience, and I’m no better off. I have as much pain as I did before I started trying to fix myself. Talk about frustrating! First I saw a physio for IMS treatments. I read you should get relief within 6-8 treatments…..I saw her over 20 times before I gave up on that. I tried a chiropractor (who was a runner!) but after a month without improvement, he sent me along to another physio. I’ve been seeing that fellow for over a month now, not running at all on his advice, and still hurting.

I miss my stress release. I miss the metabolism boost. I miss feeling like an athlete. My fitness is dropping, my weight climbing, and I am very, very sad. But I don’t know what to do next.


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