One for the running “Bucket List”

I was in Denver for a conference this week. A runner who lives at sea level can’t pass up the chance to check off a run at an elevation of a full mile, now can she? So there’s one for the running bucket list – 3 miles run at 1 mile altitude.

It was definitely harder to run where the air is so much thinner, but not as hard as I worried it could be. With trying to sort out my back issues, I haven’t been running much at all. I’ve been worried about my fitness, and wondered if trying this was pushing my luck, but it worked out fine. I ran my usual pace, and the breathing was a bit harder, but it wasn’t bad.

I’m going to try running a bit more often now. My back and leg are a bit better, and running doesn’t seem to make it worse, so I’m going to slowly increase the time I run, and how often. I’m not ready to full on jump back into training, but I’m ready to move more.


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