I need to run!

Still not really running. My chiro said I could run a bit if I kept it under 20 minutes, and noted how I felt after. I went for a 17 minute run last week…..I was worried about lost fitness because it felt SO hard. Then I checked my Forerunner and saw I was running about 20 seconds/km FASTER than my normal race pace. Oops! I guess I was excited to be running. Took it down a notch and felt great again. I also felt fantastic all day, good physically, and great mentally. I need running!

The next day I was a bit sore, and strangely my inner thighs felt like I’d gone horseback riding. My physiotherapist has been telling me I’m doing some strange kind of gripping through that area when I run and walk, based on what my muscles are doing. I’d never noted evidence of that until this run, so perhaps the body work I’ve been doing has corrected other issues that have been hiding it from me. I noticed tightness in my inner thighs when cycling to work today, too.

I don’t feel much better overall than when I started trying to fix these “issues” which is frustrating. I have a little less lower back pain, and the leg pain seems to be changing a little, but it’s still there. I’m wondering if it’s worth not training after all.


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