Fixing what hurts

I took a short break from training. It seems like the right thing to do after a big race, and a nice reset to get motivated to train again. This break is going to go a bit longer than I’d intended, though. I did return to training a couple weeks ago, but lingering leg and back issues are making me step back.

I’ve had something not quite right with my back for years. I’ve tried treating it a few times without much luck. Recently I’ve been going to a physio for IMS treatments, and had quite a bit of relief, but still things aren’t quite right. The heavy load that running training sessions, lacrosse games, and Bike to Work Week put on my body all at once, reminded me that there’s something still wrong……So I’m trying a chiropractor now, and holding back on the running for a bit.

I didn’t run for a full week while I thought about what to do, had a rest, and sought out chiro recommendations. It was surprising how long ONE week of not running felt to me. My coach has said that if I push through the wrong pain and hurt myself, I can be out six weeks, or more. I see how bad that would be now, if one week felt long. So I’m taking care. I went for an easy run this morning, mentally it felt GREAT, physically, not so much. Patience and adherence to the chiro’s instructions, and hopefully I’ll be back pounding pavement fast.


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