“Running the Lakes”

I’ve finally done it. I went and “ran the lakes” on Sunday. It really is a lovely place to run. The trail is changing and interesting, lots of little hills to challenge as well.Being my first trip around I really had no idea what to expect, which was kind of exciting as well. I usually run on flat roads, so this was much different, and kept me guessing. I loved the smell of the wet, westcoast forest. It took me back, and smelled like “home”. I grew up on some farmland that extended up the front of Mount Douglas here in Victoria. So that wet wood really is home to me.

I did manage to get lost, though. I feel pretty silly, considering it is a LOOPED and MARKED trail, and still I managed to go wrong somehow. I went wide out from the lake through some kind of equestrian training area. Cool, but not the designated trail. By the time I got to around 11km (on a 10k loop) I realized something was wrong. I could see the lake, and was on the trail, but I had no idea if I had under, or over-shot the parking lot I started from. Luckily my new GPS watch has a very easy to use mapping feature. I hadn’t gotten that far in the instruction booklet, but I managed to pull up a map, see where I was, and see that I was just around the corner from where I was trying to get to. Saved by the Garmin! In all, I ran 11.27km. My longest run yet!

I also ran without music this time. I always run with music, always. I brought my walkman, and had planned to listen, but somehow changed my mind. I thought I’d start out without and plug in later if I felt like it. And I didn’t really feel like it, until nearing the end. By then, I was pleased with myself for not using the tunes, so I held out and ran without. I still like my music, but I was happy to see that I could run without it and enjoy myself!

Two milestones in one run – awesome!


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