It’s the night before my big race. It’s “just a 10k” and not a serious one at that, as the TC 10K is known as a welcoming, fun run. But for me it’s big. I’ve been training hard, with an awesome coach, for nearly 4 months now. I’m a much stronger, fitter, smarter runner now, and I’m looking forward to seeing just what I can do tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous, as I feel a lot of pressure to do well, prove to myself that all this effort has been worth it.

I ran my last 10k, 2 years ago, in 1:11:30. |I was pleased with that because I “ran” the whole way, and finished the race. Two years ago that was a huge accomplishment for me. This time around, I’m hoping for a lot more.

Here’s my playlist for the race. I like starting with Adele, she’s so powerful and her voice lifts me, gets me going. I want to hit 5k before “Heads will Roll” is over, and Billy Idol should bring me to the final kilometer. If I don’t finish with Shakira, the white stripes will let me power home, and I’ll recover to “Written in the stars”

Adele – Rolling in the Deep
Beck – Black Tambourine
Britney – Till the World Ends
Kelly Rowland – Commander
Dragonette – Hello
Eminem – Not Afraid
YeahYeahYeahs – Heads will Roll
Jason Derulo – In My Head
Kaskade – Fire in Your New Shoes
Marina and the Diamonds – Oh No!
Ducksauce – Barbra Streisand
Naked and Famous – Young Blood
Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
Shakira – Waka Waka
White Stripes – 7 Nation Army
Tinie Tempah – Written In the Stars


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