I’ve noticed that my higher (and more intense) energy expenditure lately has afforded me more freedom in eating. During 2010 I worked pretty hard on revamping my eating, along with adding activity, in order to lose some weight. I was successful in dropping about 30lbs, and have been feeling much better about my health and size since. Then I started training for the 10k early this year, and slowly relaxed my eating as I increased my training. More treats snuck in, as well as higher portions. But I wasn’t gaining weight! My smaller clothes still fit. After a few weeks of not-very-good-eating-choices, and no real change in size or weight, I realized I’d finally achieved something magical. That point where I could “eat what I wanted and not gain weight”!

What I want to eat has shifted a little over time. More apples and less crackers find their way into my day, I’m consciously trying to increase my protein at each meal, but I’m not being strict about it. Plenty of treats find their way onto my plate, especially over holidays. But that’s ok. I can relax about eating, and not gain back that hard-lost weight! For a gal who has always been big, struggled with eating and weight loss, this is fantastic.

Going forward, I’d like to lose another 10lbs or so. I feel more confident about it now, knowing it’s possible, and not requiring horribly restrictive eating to accomplish. Part of my next training plan will be a better look at my eating, and better nutrition planning to fuel my body well, and I think that a little more weight loss should just happen. If I train hard, and eat well, my body will do what I need it to.


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