Early Morning Training

Like most people, I have a busy life. I work full time, have younger children (5 and 7), have a house to manage, play 2 team sports, and try to spend a little time with my husband and friends. It can be hard enough fitting all that in, so where do I find time for training? I can’t run when my husband isn’t home, because the kids are too young to be left alone. I can’t run WELL on a day I’ve played a game of lacrosse or field hockey. Running at lunch means I’m starting from my workplace, limiting my options, and increasing the odds my coworkers would watch me, as well as the amount of time I’ve got to run for. By the time I’m home from work and the kids fed, evenings don’t look good for running either. So I’m up at 6am to run a couple times a week.

To some this sounds painful, but for me there are positives:

  • 1. I’m alone
    I get self conscious when I think people are watching me. I’ll run faster when I encounter someone along my route, even though I don’t know them. It is silly, and it takes me off my pace and form. Most people will say “no one is looking at you!” but I know that I watch people, to see their form/speed/etc, so I have trouble believing that.
  • 2. There is less traffic
    I run on sidewalks and roads a lot of the time, or the trail I run crosses roads. Less traffic means a safer run, and one less interrupted by traffic and long lights. (also as to point 1, less drivers to watch me!)
  • 3. Uses “wasted time”
    I need to move faster to get dressed and ready for my workday after a run, but it’s doable. And if I weren’t running, breakfast, dressing and showering would just stretch to fill all the available time. It’s not like I’d be getting housework done or doing anything else productive if I weren’t running. (as evidenced by most non-running mornings)
  • 4. It’s a great start
    I find a run or other activity a great way to start off my day. I feel good physically, and I feel good about having done something positive so early in the day. It helps me make better food choices when I start off my day with running, as well

  • 5. It doesn’t inconvenience my family…..much
    Long runs take time, even the short ones do. This means scheduling activities around my running sometimes. My family is accepting and accommodating of me, but I try to minimize the effect on them when I can. Running in the morning doesn’t put a huge burden on my husband, or deprive my kids of good quality family time. (we are typically just running around getting ready for the day, not hanging out together)
  • 6. No Excuses
    As a day wears on, and I get tired out, or think of things I still want to accomplish, it’s easy to make excuses not to run. But if I hop out of bed, clothes laid out the night before, and get out the door, I’m running before I’ve had the chance to even THINK of excuses not to.

It’s all about finding what works for you.


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