Personal Best

I’m unclear the difference between PB and PR. I think they mean about the same, but I’m not sure which to use, worrying that choosing wrong labels me as a *noob* or something. I also don’t know if only “official” and timed runs count towards this label. For me, I look for each and every success in my running journey to keep me motivated and measure my progress. This means, official or not, any time I do something better, I’m going to try to celebrate it. For me, training run PBs count, for sure.

So yesterday I ran a PB on my long run. 10.1km in 58:30. I ran 10k in 58minutes. That is my fastest ever 10k. I’ve eeked out a 60minute 10k in training runs, but my last recorded 10k race was 2 years ago, and took me 1hr11minutes. I’m a lot faster now, eh? The run was hard, I had to push, both mentally and physically, to keep going and try to maintain speed and form. But most parts of it felt good. I felt like I was running right. That’s so exciting to me. I still feel like I’m a running wannabe some days, and am surprised and happy at something that makes me feel like a TRUE runner.


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