Focus on the Positive

I had a rough training session this morning.  My coach set me up with a plan even he admitted would be tough:

50-55 minutes Pyramid Speed Workout
10 minutes warm up jog and then 1 minute hard, 1 minute recovery.
1.5 min hard, 1 minute recovery;
2 minutes hard, 1 minute recovery;
2.5 minutes hard, 1 minute recovery.
3 minutes hard, 2 minutes recovery.
Go back as 2.5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1,5 minutes and 1 minute hard. On the way down keep recovery times as 1 minute.

I couldn’t quite do it. I felt bad at the first failure point (walking half of the third recovery interval), sad at the second one (recovery interval in the middle of the 3min) and frustrated by the third.(walking half of the 2nd to last recovery interval) Sure, it was a hard workout, but the coach gave it to me, so he believed I could do it. He’s not really been wrong before, pushing me to accomplish more and more, but understanding my abilities. This felt like a failure. Three failures in fact. I came home discouraged and sad.

As I got ready for work and started my day, I thought more about his morning’s session. My legs have that familiar heavy and tired feeling that comes from working them hard. I may not have followed the plan to the letter, but I managed most of it. I didn’t stop and give up when it was a little too hard, I modified it for the moment, and then dove back in. I completed the workout, with small modifications. That’s not a failure, that’s just a change in plans, and persevering when the going got tough. Clearly my mental running fitness has been improving as well.

Good Run, Wendy.


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